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EA Attacks Modern Warfare 3
BrugereIn the upcoming months a historic battle in the gaming world will unfold as two industry giants, EA and Activision, square off in what is sure to be an adventurous bought to the end. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 are both scheduled to be released in late October and Early November, with Modern Warfare 3 coming out on November 8th, just two weeks after the release of Battlefield 3.

A looming question of whether or not the reigning champ, Activision, will withhold the title remains to be answered as this historic event draws near. EA executives feel they have what it takes to finally conquer the beast, and they certainly are not going about it gently.

Will The Reigning Champ Fall?

There is no question that Activision has been in control for quite some time now thanks to the enormously popular Call Of Duty Modern Warfare serious. The numbers have spoken for themselves with overall sales figures growing more and more with each release. While both had a fairly equal share of the market in the early 2000s, Activision was the first to introduce an even more futuristic and realistic experience in the first person shooter gaming experience when they introduced the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series in 2007. This series topped the charts and outmatched its leading competitor in total sales by a pretty significant margin.

While both Call of Duty and Battlefield games provided a new and improved gaming experience with better than ever graphics and increasingly realistic fighting action, the philosophy of targeting PC users primarily has been the downfall for the EA Battlefield series. That all could change with this latest release.

Similarities Might Even The Playing Field.

So what could possibly even out the playing field between these industry leading sagas and perhaps give the underdog the competitive advantage? One potential factor is that both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 will share a number of similar features and functionality. For one, they will both be centered around events that occurring throughout the world in modern day times. Both will feature battles in popular United States and European urban areas.

EA officials feel that the similarities that exist will help give them the competitive advantage during this next release. Why? The similarities will not make the difference, but rather the improved gaming technology that EAs Battlefield 3 will have. It has been stated that Battlefield 3 will look even better than ever thanks to the Frostbite 2 technology that is being used for this next release. Top executives also feel that they are well prepared to duke it out and go the distance with an oversized budget which will allow for mass marketing efforts.

The announcement of Call Of Duty: Elite, was it premature or was it a good move? The leading competitor suggests a premature announcement.

EA executives criticized the preemptive announcement of Call of Duty: Elite, a subscription upgrade which will provide more advanced features and support for Modern Warfare 3 gamers. While advanced capabilities are always a plus, and added support via a paid subscription can be beneficial, EA execs feel that the announcement may have been a mistake and may have been made as a futile effort to gain a stronghold on the competition before the landmark release dates.

While past attempts of topping Activision have failed, EA feels that they are in a position to take the lead with their latest Battlefield release, Battlefield 3. Executives feel that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be too repetitive and that Battlefield 3 will provide a gaming experience that is even more exhilarating than ever before. Whether or not they are able to win the battle this time remains to be seen.

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