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Robert Bowling answers your Modern Warfare 3 questions.
BrugereIf you are like me, you are anticipating greatly the November release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. In the past month, the majority have been focusing on the game and any released or rumored information I can dig up. Unfortunately, there are still many questions in the air over nearly every aspect of the game from the campaign and the new Survival Spec Ops mode to the online multiplayer and the progressively less controversial Elite service. Although Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist over at Infinity Ward, has been answering followers questions here and there on his Twitter page (@fourzerotwo), he took the liberty to set up a Q&A to address your concerns. Most of the discussions are bickering between Call of Duty players like you and I; a completely wasted opportunity. However, here are a few exerts from the very long thread to save you some time:

Q: Despite Call of Duty being a team based game the gameplay encourages and rewards lone-wolves who ignore the objectives for kills, whats being done about that? (t3hb4tman)

A: I completely agree and we have changed a lot of how XP, match bonus, challenges, rewards, and other incentives are distributed in objective gameplay, much on how we are encouraging gun on gun gameplay in TDM modes, in objective modes we are making it so being an objective focused player in objective gametypes [sic]. [...] Its not all about kills, we have to reward the defender of a bomb site, the flag runner, and the guy covering the flag runner, more so than the guy just getting kills and never going near the objective points. I read you loud and clear and while I cant go into further detail, this has been addressed.

#1 | Bryanuy d. February 15 2012 04:09:59
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01/02/2017 21:20
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29/01/2017 16:46
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16/03/2016 20:33
Ja , wird es sehr schwierig sein.

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aaaaahrgh. hej

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