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Black Ops Pre-orders Records
Journalhowever – Evan Wilson, a market analyst, recently revealed that pre-orders for Black Ops are out-pacing all other Call of Duty games to date, including Modern Warfare 2. Before this was revealed, Wilson’s estimate for Black Ops’ holiday quarter sales was 10 million copies – but after this announcement, he has upped that to 12 million units being sold.

Hot on the heels of this news is an extraordinary piece of intel from Activision – one that can really get gamers excited for Black Ops. Activision has announced that they have such great faith in the quality and innovation in Black Ops that they are investing more money into this game than any other game in the company’s 31 year history.

This is great news for gamers who are worried that Treyarch may be changing too much, possibly thinking they are trying too hard to innovate. PlayStation 3 Magazine (PSM3) recently had the chance to sit down with Treyarch and get a feel for what they're doing withBlack Ops. Much of their impression of the game is similar to that of the First Look Preview event that Treyarch held, which you can view here. A few interesting notes from their preview, however:

* As we know, Black Ops takes gamers into the boots of SOG operatives - engaging in highly classified, completely deniable operations during the Cold War. However, some of the true events that Treyarch has included in the game actually had to be declassified by the United States Federal Government before Treyarch was able to move forward in production, because they were so secretive.

* Concerning the helicopter, Mark Lamia said, "You're not going to have to go through a five minute training session to fly that helicopter - that's not what Call Of Duty is about."

There seems to be a lot of minor news recently - many gamers, this writer included, are anxiously hoping that this is the calm before the storm of footage that we're all waiting for. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our media library, weapons analyses and a recap of what we know so far so that you're fresh on the intel when the next round of big news breaks.

What is your most-anxiously-awaited bit of news regarding Black Ops? Multiplayer footage? Zombies confirmation? Let us know in the comments below or, as always, you're welcome to head over to the forum and have your say!

Don't forget! If you haven't had time to get down to your local video game store to check out Black Ops pre-order info, it's alright! We've gone ahead and compiled a list of pre-order prices for you - check it out here!
“…across the board, the biggest investment that we’ve ever made in a launch of a title. And I think when audiences see the product, they’ll see why we’re doing it this way.” Bobby Kotick, CEO, Activision-Blizzard

With this kind of approach, we can expect great things from Black Ops when it finally drops in November.
Treyarch brings Black Ops back to CoD basics

To say Call of Duty has come a long way from “that new World War II game developed by this rookie studio Infinity Ward” would be an understatement. Activision’s franchise has revolutionized the First-Person Shooter genre of video gaming and completely changed the way gamers look at FPS titles. As innovative as Treyarch has promised us that Black Ops will be, they haven’t forgotten the series’ roots – and have dedicated themselves to creating a Call of Duty game that has the heart and soul that made the game so good to begin with.

“Treyarch is a 100 per cent Call of Duty studio” – Mark Lamia, studio head, Treyarch

Black ops. news
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