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Oprettet af Keysersoze d. 04-11-2015 16:15

Treyarch announces mod and mapping tools coming to Black Ops 3 on PC in 2016

Treyarch has announced that for Black Ops 3 on PC, they’re adding mod tools and mapping in 2016. They’re expecting it to be available in Alpha state in March 2016.

Over the years, the Call of Duty® community has proven itself to be among the most passionate in the world – and we count ourselves fortunate to make games for you.

We’ve been listening to one of your top requests and are excited to announce that modding and mapping are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC!

This is Treyarch’s current plan of features:

You will be able to create Maps & Game Modes and more!
We will include Unranked Dedicated Server Files with the tools so you can run servers with modded content anywhere you choose.
We will provide an Unranked Server Browser so you can easily find and join servers with modded content.

Treyarch says to stay tuned as more information, including details on when the open beta of these features will be available. As always, Treyarch cautions that some features may not become available.

SOURCE: Treyarch